Through Ted's involvement in the community (everything from serving on the Arts Council, to trunk or treat, to calling football games) he has learned about the residents of Franklin, Franklin's needs and what makes Franklin special. Below is a list of a few of his priorities, but this does not include everything. If you have a question for Ted, please visit the Get Involved page and shoot him a message!


Make sure Franklin students of all ages and abilities have the greatest resources available to them so they can learn, thrive and succeed.


Our roads, sidewalks, public buildings and water delivery systems are in need of attention. I will work with other elected officials and town administration to identify cost effective solutions to address these concerns throughout Franklin.

Elder services

With costs skyrocketing, many in our community find themselves making hard choices and sacrifices, especially on fixed incomes. Having a senior center is a wonderful asset to our town, but we also need to look at ways to help our senior population with affordable housing, access to medical care, social programs and food.

The Arts

Ted is an advocate for arts programming in Franklin and will continue to ensure opportunities exist for artists, musicians and others to share their gifts with the people of our town.


Clean water, clean air and healthy ecosystems are necessities of life. We must understand the ways in which we interact with our environment and be conscious of ways to improve the quality of our ponds, rivers, forests and lakes.


What could be more important than making sure our town is a safe space for everyone? Our police, fire and emergency responder staff deserve the best possible equipment and training to meet the needs of our community. And I will work with community stakeholders to ensure their voices are being heard and their needs are being met.

These priorities are more valuable than a 'Touchdown' for Franklin!